10:00AM - Service
11:20 Fellowship
11:45 - 12:30 Sunday School Classes

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Come Sunday Mornings, enjoy our 30 min fellowship with coffee and refreshments after the service. Join a Small Group for an opportunity to connect more deeply with the community. Keep an eye out for our larger events. 

There’s plenty of parking lots on both sides of the street in front of the church on W. Patent Road, the signs are clearly marked.

You—and Your Questions—Are Welcome!

Since our founding, Trinity Church has sought to be a church both for those who are already followers of Jesus and for those who are investigating the Christian faith, or even who are quite sceptical of the Christian faith. Therefore, in our mission and ministry—including our teaching—we try not to assume that everyone already holds to Christian teaching or agrees with Christian practices. The historic Christian faith makes some audacious claims—not least in proclaiming that Jesus has been raised from the dead (what Easter is all about)! We do, though, think there are good reasons for believing the historic Christian message, and we are eager to share them. But here we not only welcome everyone, we welcome your questions, your concerns, your objections. We will never tell you, “Don’t ask questions; just believe!” We are convinced that no one needs to commit intellectual suicide to be a follower of Jesus. Therefore we seek to speak not only to the heart (which is very important) but also to the head.

People dress informally in our church, casual attire is the most popular. You are welcome to come as you are.

PRAYER Initiative

*Healing prayer in person (1st sunday of each month)

Baptisms & Confirmations

Newcomers Reception &
Introduction to Trinity class

This class is a great opportunity for new members of Trinity to get acquainted with the church and our ministries. It is a time of introduction, orientation and fellowship. We will cover topics such as getting to know the church and staff, developing relationships, discovering our mission and values. We will also provide you with a tour of the church and answer any questions you may have. Join us to connect with other members, learn more about what Trinity has to offer and discover more about our faith together.